About the organisation

Each operating company in the group develops its own international strategy as an integral part of its overall strategy, depending on the nature of the industry, opportunities available and competitive dynamics of the global stage.

Critical to our global success is a focus on cultural relevance — the ability to ensure that our products, messaging and in-store experiences reflect the aspirations and desires of consumers in local markets. And as shopping behaviours evolve — driven by technology, demographic shifts and the growing affluence of populations in emerging markets — our ability to be nimble becomes more important.

Being selective and strategic about how and where individual brands are sold preserves our positioning while delivering a superior experience to the consumer. Harmonising our online capabilities and social media conversations with our retail presence is how we tie it all together to provide shoppers with a seamless omni-channel experience.

Staying close — and even two steps ahead — is how we best serve the most discerning consumers around the world. At retail, through digital commerce and on social media platforms, we are listening for what the customer needs while developing tomorrow’s trends.

More recently in 2010, Verbatim launched our LED lighting business developing products that offer low power consumption, long life and a better lighting experience. Verbatim’s expansive global network has enabled it to successfully introduce a range of high quality LED products designed to provide a better lighting experience for consumers, coupled with a low power consumption and long life span.

In 2014 Verbatim announced its entry into the 3D Printing market with a range ofpremium-grade PLA and ABS plastic filaments.The 3D printing industry is currently undergoing a massive transformation and enjoying unprecedented growth that is estimated to reach a value of $669 million (€500 million) in 2014, according to Gartner.

Since then, we have launched PET and high performance PLA filaments. The new filaments complement the company’s existing portfolio of premium-grade ABS, PLA and the ultra-flexible PRIMALLOY™ filament. We will also be launching BVOH, a water-soluble support material; and PP (Polypropylene), a commonly used tough and flexible plastic. Verbatim’s new filaments are compatible with nearly all 3D printers, including Ultimaker, Massportal, MakerBot, Leapfrog, RepRap derivatives and those from Aye Aye Labs, Builder, iMaker, PrintrBot, and many others.

Today, Verbatim’s product line-up includes Optical Storage Media, USB Drives, Memory Cards, Hard Drives, Sold State Drives (SSD’s), Mobile Accessories, LED Lighting and 3D Filaments.