Computer Management

Remote Computer Management

Problems with workstations have an impact on productivity, so when there's issues, the result can be a productivity-sapping loss of time for users and a knock-on effect across the organization - and that’s bad for business. Our Workstation Monitoring tool for Windows and OS X Operating Systems makes it easy to spot and quickly fix periodic workstation problems.

No matter what Operating System you use –Windows or Apple Mac - RebootCS has it covered. Monitor ALL desktops and laptops – from one dashboard.  Workstation Monitoring can run on any Windows or Apple Mac desktop or laptop - and check for critical issues with full reporting.

Windows Workstation checks

  • Event logs
  • Antivirus update check, to ensure latest definition files are being used
  • Drive space change check, to alert you to problems that are causing drive space to be consumed at a rapid rate
  • Disk health check, to alert you to failing disks
  • Hacker check, to alert you to a high rate of unauthorized login attempts
  • Windows services check, to report hcg diet dr simeons on services which are set to auto-start
  • SNMP
  • RAID array

OS X Workstation Monitoring checks

OS X Workstation Monitoring currently provides the following range of invaluable and comprehensive checks.

  • File system space check
  • OSX Daemon check
  • Process check
  • Apple system log check
  • File system space change 
  • Hacker check
  • Log file check
  • OSX Update Check
  • Physical disk health check

We can also Include Managed Antivirus, Patch Management to schedule security patches -  automatically - saving time and improving security.

Email security using Mail Protection to ensure optimal filtering of harmful messages.

Managed Online Backup to provide fast, reliable and automatic offsite secure backup.

Take Control™ for one-click remote support.

Free Asset Tracking to manage inventory.


Easy and comprehensive Windows workstation checks include:

  • 24/7 proactive alerting – via the web Dashboard, Wallchart view, email, SMS, mobile phone, Mini Dash & iPhone app
  • Ensure optimum availability for all users and keeping business ticking along smoothly
  • Keep on top of hardware performance
  • Check non Microsoft applications and interfaces
  • Safeguard business data from attack
  • Monitor (and automatically remediate) software patches to ensure latest software applied