July 27, 2022 - BY Admin

DataCore Swarm

10 Reasons why DataCore Swarm is the BEST Long-term Content Preservation for Sports Assets

1. Seamless integration with existing workflow and applications

Swarm was designed to integrate with existing sports media infrastructure including production and archive (toolsets, asset managers, and even the cloud.)

2. Easy access and retrieval of content

Swarm’s secure HTTP/S3 web-based portal, provides easy access and retrieval of archived content for sharing and distribution.

3. Simple, cost-predictable scalability and management from terabytes to petabytes and beyond

With Swarm you can start with just the capacity you need today with no worry about effortless future growth from terabytes to petabytes. Future-proof your archive to support growing capacities 4K, 8K, and VR/360 formats. Automatic load balancing allows fast growth with no added administrative effort or cost.

4. Best-of-breed Swarm software and your choice of hardware

Don’t get locked in. Swarm has been carefully designed to provide outstanding performance and reliability on several different hardware platforms allowing you to use the server and disk hardware vendor of you feel most comfortable with helping you meet financial and performance goals. Our trained partner network can provide complete turnkey solutions with certified reference design hardware.