June 22, 2022 - BY Admin

Introducing SymplySPARK 160 TB

We've launched a bigger SPARK!

When we first launched SymplySPARK last year we knew our Thunderbolt shuttle RAID would do well. It had all the features users were crying out for: Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, hot-swappable drives, user serviceable components, and a carry case that's begging you to take it on a road trip. 

But files get bigger. Workflows get more complex. So we gave the SymplySPARK even more capacity, without changing the formfactor.

Introducing the SymplySPARK 160 TB for the ultimate in affordable shuttle RAIDs. Grab it by the handle and move it around, pack it up in the included wheeled carry case, or leave it snuggly in the studio running whisper quiet. Quieter, in fact, than a library. Shh!

There's also a unique SymplyLOCKTM available to prevent accidental Thunderbolt cable disconnection and even a rack kit for mounting on DIT carts or in machine rooms.

You can order the SymplySPARK (in any of its capacities) from our website in the US or contact us and we'll hook you up with a local dealer.