March 27, 2024 - BY Admin

Introducing SymplyPRO Ethernet LTO TAPE Drives.

SymplyPRO Ethernet LTO: Unveiling Integrated Power.

SymplyPRO Ethernet appliances offer a dynamic range of features catering to diverse storage needs. Among these offerings, the SymplyPRO Ethernet LTO stands out with its integrated LTO drives. These appliances, available in various configurations, boast the seamless integration of LTO drives, elevating storage solutions to new heights.

The Versatile SymplyPRO Ethernet Bridge.

Alternatively, SymplyPRO Ethernet Bridge emerges as a versatile solution for those seeking connectivity with external standalone or automated LTO drives. This 1RU appliance is ingeniously designed to facilitate connections with ease, providing users with a streamlined experience.

Unveiling the SymplyPRO Ethernet LTO Models.

Within the SymplyPRO Ethernet LTO lineup, models support either one or two Half-Height LTO drives. These models, equipped with robust features, offer compatibility with LTO-7, LTO-8, LTO-9, or LTO-9 Full-Height drives, ensuring adaptability to varying storage requirements.

Enhanced Connectivity with SAS Expansion Port.

A standout feature of the SymplyPRO Ethernet LTO is its SAS Expansion Port. This port extends the appliance's connectivity, allowing seamless integration with additional standalone drives or those within a tape library. The result is a powerful amalgamation of standalone and automated drives, delivering unparalleled flexibility to users.

SymplyPRO Ethernet Bridge: Revolutionizing Connectivity.

In contrast, the SymplyPRO Ethernet Bridge redefines connectivity with its innovative design. This compact 1RU appliance serves as a high-performance iSCSI to SAS Bridge, boasting dual 10Gb Ethernet interfaces. These interfaces seamlessly connect to a single SAS SFF-8466 port, enabling support for up to four SAS-connected LTO drives.

Elevating Storage Solutions.

Whether opting for the integrated power of the SymplyPRO Ethernet LTO or the connectivity prowess of the SymplyPRO Ethernet Bridge, users can expect nothing short of excellence. These appliances represent a leap forward in storage technology, offering unparalleled performance, flexibility, and reliability for modern storage needs.